Workers’ Compensation and CAL-OSHA

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Employer Support Group, Inc. (hereafter “ESG”) is an organization created in 1989. Differentiating itself by providing a unique alternative to existing services and strategies for administering workers compensation claims, Risk / Safety Management and Human Recourses.

ESG is an organization created for the purpose of educating and assisting Employers in the cost containment strategies relating to their WC claims. The success of ESG is based on several inter-dependent steps. It is best described as follows:

"a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy of services to meet employer's needs to promote quality cost-effective outcomes of Workers Compensation claims and Risk / Safety Programs”

ESG strategy is a powerful turnkey solution for employers where the focus is efficient, cost effective, quick response time and unparallel services and programs.

Industry Experts

Our team of specialists help to give your company a fighting chance in surviving the workers compensation crisis


In addition we will provide a:


We Work Aggressively to Protect Your Business

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An aggressive team of specialist in workers compensation law, investigations and medicine working exclusively and directly for employers with a single objective, to push back the costs of workers compensation, providing employers with a fighting chance for survival.

"The insurance companies, government, lawyers, doctors, everyone in the this system with their hand in the pocket of business, treating business owners, managers, executives like check writing machines, with no accountability, and absolutely no common sense, it is time for those who pay the bills to fight back.”

- David Armando Torres, Senior Partner


Business Services Available

  • Workers Compensation Representation
  • Claims Analysis
  • claims intervention
  • Subrogation Case Review and Intervention
  • Expense and Rates Review
  • Fraud Prevention and Intervention
  • Loss Prevention Consultation
  • CAL – OSHA Compliance Representation
  • Medical Case Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy Case Evaluation


"The government, the insurance companies, everyone in this system with their hand in the pocket of business.. and who is on the side of the individuals who pay for all of this..?"

David Armando Torres, Senior Partner

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